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Mineral Incentive Program

As a direct result of MANS’ lobbying, the provincial government announced a Mineral Incentive Program in 2012 to encourage prospecting and exploration in the province.
The MIP is designed to “increase and promote mineral exploration, leading to mineral discoveries and new, producing mines in Nova Scotia.” We believe strongly that the MIP is fulfilling this mandate and contributing to the preservation of jobs and the future growth potential of the mining industry. If we don’t do exploration today, there won’t be mines tomorrow.
The majority of prospecting and exploration is carried out by individuals and companies that do not have revenue streams from producing mines and who raise most of the money they require on the equity markets. This, combined with the fact that the global equity markets for mining are arguably the worst they have been since the Great Depression, underscores how important it is for the government to continue to support prospecting and exploration in Nova Scotia.
The Mineral Incentive Program is a strategic and cost-effective investment in the future of Nova Scotia’s mining industry. We respectfully request that the government make it a permanent program to support the mining industry’s ability to grow and create jobs for Nova Scotians.
More details on the MIP and its benefits to the industry and the province are available here.