The Mining Association of Nova Scotia represents companies in all areas of mining and quarrying: exploration, discovery, development, production and reclamation as well as consultants and suppliers to the industry.

Nova Scotia’s mining and quarrying industry is a key creator of jobs and prosperity for Nova Scotians. It provides 5,500 jobs, mostly in rural areas, and contributes $420 million to the province’s economy each year.
DID YOU KNOW that a new mine or quarry operation provides a tremendous economic boost to a host community and the province?

For example, a new aggregate quarry producing 2 million tonnes per year can generate 225 jobs during construction and 91 ongoing jobs during operations.

A new quarry can also generate approximately $1.6 million in provincial taxes during construction and about $800,000 in taxes each year during operations.
DID YOU KNOW that mining and quarrying is Nova Scotia’s highest-paying natural resource industry and one of the highest-paying of all industries in the province?

The industry’s average wage is over $1,000 per week, 40% higher than the average wages paid in all economic sectors. The industry's total payroll is $96 million per year.

These high wages reflect the fact that mining today is a sophisticated, high tech industry that employs a wide variety of professional and technically-advanced positions. Modern mining is about knowledge, not strength.
DID YOU KNOW that mining and quarrying is one of Nova Scotia’s leading export industries?

The industry exports about one third of its production to the United States each year, or about $105 million worth of minerals. Nova Scotia’s easy access to shipping by sea, and close proximity to the United States, makes us an important supplier to the US construction industry.