Image of Nova Scotia's beautiful outdoors.

In 2016 the Government of Nova Scotia overhauled the province’s Mineral Resources Act for the first time in a quarter-century.

The new Act cuts red tape and unnecessary costs, while continuing to hold the industry to the highest environmental and operational standards. The overhaul modernized the Act and brought it into line with equivalent legislation in other jurisdictions.

MANS worked for several years with the government on the legislative update and played a key role in many of the policy decisions that are helping the industry grow and create jobs for Nova Scotians. We also support the additional requirements imposed on industry related to reclamation and consultation because they are fair and balanced, and they reflect the high standards the modern industry adheres to in these activities.

The Government of Nova Scotia has become a strong supporter of mining in recent years and has made a series of policy decisions, such as the Mineral Resources Act changes, designed to help the industry grow and create jobs.